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Christmas Challenge for true Christians

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Christmas Party

As December begins, I realize that most Christians have already set up decorations and have planned their Christmas festivities. What better time then to add a Challenge to your plans? This challenge is for all of those that consider themselves devout followers of Jesus Christ. Courageous believers that value Apostle Paul's words, when he calls us to test everything to scripture and to hold on only to what is good. This is a simple challenge that every true and faithful believer should already be doing. Are you brave enough to take the challenge?

Challenge: Test Christmas to Scripture

Believers are called to do this anyway, as we are to test everything we do to the perfect and Holy Word. This particular challenge encourages us to open our eyes this holiday season and question everything. The problem is that most of us have been raised in the Christian traditions and have never felt a need to test our traditions to scripture. We assume that our Pastors, family, and Christian friends have already done the work and tested it thoroughly. Otherwise, why would it be celebrated in the first place if it did not align with scripture, right? The reality is that we are all called to individually test everything. Everything. Including things that seem obviously Christ-like. Here are some questions we should ask ourselves that will get the ball rolling:

  • Why do we celebrate Christmas in the first place?

  • Is it really all about Jesus Christ?

  • Why do Atheists and other non-Christians alike passionately celebrate Christmas? Yet, they disregard Messiah.

  • How does our society celebrate Christmas? Consider advertisements and shopping centers—how often do they include Jesus Christ or even share the Gospel?

  • What is this season truly about?

  • What is our focus during this time of the year? Is it really Jesus Christ? Or is it about festivities, fun, presents, traditions?

  • Does Jesus Christ get all the glory during this holiday?

  • What are young children most excited about? Jesus? Or presents? Why?

  • More importantly, what does our heavenly Father and Messiah think about Christmas?

  • Why is Christmas not sanctified in scripture?

  • Why do we cut down trees and bring them into our houses decking them with gold and silver?

  • Where does mistletoe come from?

  • What is the yule log? Why is this so popular?

  • What does Santa Claus have anything to do with Jesus Christ? Why does Santa get more attention this time of year?

  • What do the Christmas traditions have to do with our Messiah?

There are many more questions one could and should ask themselves. Of course, our ministry encourages all devout believers of Messiah to walk away from Christmas immediately. We, along with many others around the world, have already tested Christmas to scripture and it did not line up. In other words, scripture continually speaks against practices such as Christmas, calling them idolatrous instead of calling them worship. In fact, our heavenly Father gave us 7 appointed times that his people are commanded to celebrate. We should be keeping those sanctified celebrations instead. Did you know that Yeshua kept "Hanukkah," which is called the Feast of Dedication?

At the time the Feast of Dedication took place at Jerusalem. It was winter, and Yeshua was walking in the temple, in the colonnade of Solomon. John 10:22-23

Many devout believers have tested Christmas and rejected it. However, we recognize that it is vital that each individual test all things themselves. Through this challenge, we are pleading with those who believe the Messiah of scripture is truly the Son of the Most High, to test Christmas this year. Truly and sincerely test it and all its traditions to determine if it is alright to celebrate in the eyes of Yehovah. Many will find out that most of the traditions have pagan roots, but immediately say "But that is not what it means to me!" However, worship has never and should never matter what it means to us, but only what it means to Yehovah. When we test things to scripture, we are called to determine what everything means to Him.

I celebrated Christmas my entire life—even when I was a devout Atheist. It was only until someone encouraged me to test Christmas to scripture that I ever even considered it was something I should put to the test. Even after being encouraged to test Christmas to scripture, I didn't want to. I thoroughly loved Christmas—it was my favorite time of the year! It was the time of year that I linked laughter, excitement, joyful festivities, but most important of all, family time. Christmas was important to me and I loved it. However, my love and respect for the Most High was more important at this point in my life. So I tested Christmas immediately. I was not pleased with what I found and I know that every sincere believer that desires to please our Father will not be happy with what they find either. But I plead with you. Do not let anything keep you from testing this tradition to scripture.

Please ask the Father for eyes to see and ears to hear this season. This challenge is presented with love and a sincere care for all who take the time to read it. We pray each of you will at least keep your eyes open and ask the Father to help you see the truth according to His will.

Thank you.

Sean Esposito preaching

Sean is a former Atheist who was finally awoken to the reality of our Creator—which lead him to the one place he thought he would never step foot: “Bible College.” During his studies, our Heavenly Father flipped his Christian worldview upside down in order to reveal the Whole truth of His perfect Word. As a follower of Messiah Yeshua (Christ Jesus), Sean encourages believers to deepen their faith, seek the truth, test everything, and be willing to walk in the true image they were created: the image of the Most High and his flawless son.

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